The Top 5 Types of Home Repairs You Should NEVER Do Yourself

We love your DIY spirit, but sometimes it’s better to save it for woodworking and painting — not electric work and plumbing.

It’s definitely appealing to try and handle repairs yourself to try and cut down on costs, but without the right tools, knowledge, and expertise, you run the risk of making the problem worse — and more expensive.

So with that in mind, here’s a list of the top five types of home repairs you should leave up to the professionals. 

Type No. 1: Electrical Repairs

The electrical wiring present within the walls of your home is incredibly confusing to navigate to the untrained eye — it’s not just that classic “red wire or blue wire” type of deal you always see in the movies.

If you rewire your house the wrong way, it can cause incredible damage to both you and your property. It doesn’t take much for a misplaced wire to cause a fire, and being exposed to even a small amount of electrical current can seriously injure you.

Type No. 2: Plumbing Repairs

Sure, feel free to unclog that toilet all by yourself — plumbers likely don’t mind leaving that particular job up to you — but once the problem goes past the pipes, it’s better to leave it up to an expert. 

Even a small leak in your home can cause a huge amount of damage, and you likely don’t have the right tools and technologies to properly diagnose and repair your issues.

But you know who does? Licensed professionals!

Type No. 3: Natural Gas Repairs

You’ve probably heard that gas leaks can be incredibly dangerous, often leading to death. Similar to plumbing, even a tiny leak can cause a huge problem.

Don’t run the risk of poisoning yourself or starting a fire. Doesn’t that sound a whole lot worse than simply paying a professional and taking that extra free time for yourself?

Type No. 4: Removing Walls

It’s definitely entertaining to picture yourself bulldozing through your home with a sledgehammer all willy nilly, but if you don’t know what’s inside your walls, you might end up bulldozing something important — and incredibly costly to repair.

Your walls are full of pipes for plumbing and heating, not to mention a spider web of electrical wiring. In addition, if you take something down in the wrong place, you might affect the structural integrity of your space.

So leave it up to an expert with years of experience and focus your efforts on another project.

Type No. 5: Roof Repairs

Did you know that one-third of all construction deaths stem from people falling off roofs?

Even for the skilled professionals, roof repairs can be incredibly dangerous. It’s much better to leave it up to a roof repairman with years of experience that can ensure the job is done safely and correctly.

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