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As a homeowner, you likely have a long list of projects and repairs that need your attention. We’re here to help you cross some things off that list so you can get back to enjoying life.

Fair and honest handyman services

Handyman Austin

Our handymen have all the most reliable tools and up-to-date expertise to quickly, safely, and securely install everything that needs to go into your next project. With on-site disposal and workspace cleanup, we’ll leave you with nothing but a peace of mind.

Fitness Equipment Assembly

Looking to install a home gym or a treadmill, rowing machine, or other fitness equipment? We’ll handle the heavy lifting required for assembly, and you can focus on building a concrete workout routine.

We can assemble:

    • Treadmill
    • Exercise Bike
    • Elliptical
    • Inversion Therapy
    • Rowing Machine
    • And More!

Appliance Installation

It’s never a welcome sight to see your appliances go out, but watching our team install those new ones quickly, safely, and securely will surely put a huge smile on your face.

Furniture Assembly

Whether you need to build a bed, desk, office chair, TV stand, or something else entirely, our handymen will safely and securely assemble any piece of furniture you’d like to add to your home or office.

We can assemble:

    • Bed
    • Desk
    • Table
    • Office Chair
    • TV Stand
    • Bar Stool
    • Dining Sets
    • And More!

TV Repair & TV Mount Installation


Our crew has all the best tools to safely, securely, and accurately mount your television set so you can focus on picking the first movie you want to watch once it’s done.

If you need a television repair, give us a call and be assured we will get the job done.

Outdoor Furniture Assembly

Your home should be an oasis, and our handy crew is eager to help you assemble all your outdoor furniture and equipment so you’ll be soaking up the sun in no time at all.

We can assemble:

    • Outdoor Furniture
    • Outdoor Trampolines
    • Grills
    • Gazebos

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